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The high performance computing center in Stuttgart houses one of the fastest supercomputer in Europe. The “Hazelhen” offers scientific and industrial users access to a computing power of up to 7.4 PetaFlops. The HLRS was founded in 1995 under the roof of the Stuttgart data center. One year later, it became the first German federal treasury settlement center. In the meantime, the HLRS can look back on a long history with many awards and, above all, considerable experience in the field of high performance computing (HPC). The research focus is on scalability, performance optimization, green IT, social, political and philosophical aspects of simulation.

The media university of Stuttgart

The Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart (HdM) is a state-run university of applied sciences, supported by the state of Baden-Württemberg, which trains specialists for media. Since September 1, 2001, it has been bundling the know-how of the former College of Printing and Media (HDM), a traditional training center for printing and media technology, and the University of Library and Information Systems (HBI). With more than 25 accredited Bachelor and Master degree programs, the HdM is the only university in Europe to cover media production in all areas of electronic and print media – from conception to the finished product. Currently, there are about 4,500 students enrolled at the university.




The Center for Art and Media Technology (ZKM) in Karlsruhe is an internationally unique enrichment of the cultural scene as a place that extends the idea and tasks of the museum. The ZKM is a foundation founded by the city of Karlsruhe and the state of Baden-Württemberg Of public law, which is home to all forms of media and the arts, whether it be painting, photography, film, music, dance, theater or performance. With its mission to combine the classical arts and the digital age, the ZKM has been a great success since 1989. In addition to the normal museum business, research and development are carried out at the ZKM in various institutes and laboratories. Thus it has the traditional thoughts of the museums to preserve art and show, expanded and created a space in the art work can also arise. With a reason why it is called the center and not the museum.



Sicos BW as coordinator and contact for SMEs

Sicos BW GmbH, based in Stuttgart, was founded in 2011 by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the University of Stuttgart, to facilitate access to simulation, high-performance computing and big and smart data, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The members of the Sicos are the KIT with the Steinbuch Center for Computing (SCC) as well as the University of Stuttgart with the High Performance Calculation Center Stuttgart (HLRS), supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg. Read more at

35467dc5db304d59729c19e206528714The state of Baden-Württemberg as initiator and supporter of the middle class

The MSC BW is financially supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and Art (MWK). The MWK represents key areas of Baden-Württemberg policy. As the highest regional authority, the Ministry is responsible for all the universities in the country, most of the non-university research institutions, the scientific libraries and archives, as well as important art facilities in Baden-Württemberg. More at

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