Twisted Soft Photon Hair Implants on Black Holes

170904 Published 2 Article Tamburini-1The MSC-BW is proud to inform, that one of its associates, Dr. Fabrizio Tamburini from the Center for Art and Media (ZKM,, has been published in Entropy. Tamburini and his colleagues wrote an article about black holes and their event horizon area.
The article was accepted and published by MDPI AG in the open-access journal Entropy.

The full article can be read online:


Background: The Hawking–Perry–Strominger (HPS) work states a new controversial
idea about the black hole (BH) information paradox , where BHs maximally entropize and encode
information in their event horizon area , with no “hair” thought to reveal information outside but
angular momentum, mass, and electric charge only in a unique quantum gravity (QG) vacuum state.
New conservation laws of gravitation and electromagnetism , appear to generate different QG vacua,
preserving more information in soft photon/graviton hair implants. We find that BH photon hair
implants can encode orbital angular momentum (OAM) and vorticity of the electromagnetic (EM)
field. Methods: Numerical simulations are used to plot an EM field with OAM emitted by a set of
dipolar currents together with the soft photon field they induce. The analytical results confirm that the
soft photon hair implant carries OAM and vorticity. Results: a set of charges and currents generating
real EM fields with precise values of OAM induce a “curly”, twisted, soft-hair implant on the BH
with vorticity and OAM increased by one unit with respect to the initial real field. Conclusions:
Soft photon implants can be spatially shaped ad hoc, encoding structured and densely organized
information on the event horizon.”

excerpt from the paper
“Twisted Soft Photon Hair Implants on Black Holes”
Fabrizio Tamburini, Mariafelicia De Laurentis, Ignazio Licata and Bo Thidé

Published 31 August 2017 by MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland

Entropy 2017, 19(9), 458; doi:10.3390/e19090458


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