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170620 SWAN SSC-01Press release

Böblingen, 20th of June 2017

From a sneakers network to online Data exchange

How SWAN gets your Animation airborne
Animation and VFX studios in Stuttgart are still transmitting their data on hard disks, in order to render them on super computers at the high-performance computing center Stuttgart (HLRS). As part of the project, SSC takes over the task of data transfer so that they can primarily take care of their day-to-day business. Because now, SSC also offers the film industry the expertise in electronic data exchange from the automotive sector. The “SWAN” tool (software for the worldwide exchange of engineering data) handles any type of data to be transmitted securely, quickly and easily. Therefore, switching from the automotive industry to the film industry is not a challenge but a big step for all studios that are struggling with large amounts of data. With just one click, data of any size can be transmitted to the HLRS without a thick glass fiber cable and without high expenses. The high-performance computer here is automatically addressed for rendering the data, allowing you to receive and process them again. The Media Solution Center BW, an initiative of the HLRS, deals with the topic “Media and Art” in the field of high performance computing.

The SSC team is pleased to be able to support the Media Solution Center BW in this way!


How it works:


  • Register at HLRS as data exchange partner
  • After receiving your access data you can open the SWANportal in your web browser
  • Start you first data transmission and continue working until your job is rendered and sent back to you
  • SSC guarantees you the highest security standard for your data

As part of the project, SSC will provide the data exchange solution free of charge to all parties involved. If your decision is made, it is only a few minutes before you are established as a data exchange partner. And even if you do not have the most up-to-date infrastructure, SSC can advise you on how to use the SWANportal according to your needs.


About SSC
SSC-Services GmbH, located in Böblingen (Stuttgart) is an owner-managed IT service provider.
For more than 19 years, we have been offering technological premium products and services for the successful organization of cooperation between OEMs and suppliers, mainly in the automotive industry.
The solid foundation of a joint and prosperous collaboration of development partners is formed by the exchange of information and data. SSC supports and implements solutions to ensure a secure, reliable and agile flow of information between companies. Furthermore, our portfolio of partner integration contains the management of digital identities and their access as well as customized business partner connections. The technical know-how is completed by the company-owned Service Desk and characterized by the years of experience in project management and the service sector. Our customers can always rely on a friendly and competent contact.




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