Regina Silveira donates CAVE art work “Infinities” to HLRS

170612 Regina Silveira Artikel BannerThe Brazilian artist Regina Silveira recently stayed at the HLRS developing  works of art in HLRS’s virtual reality environment with the cooperation of Instituto Itaú Cultural,  São Paulo, in an operation conceived by Mattconcept, an international art projects platform.

As a gift to HLRS she donated a work of art called “Infinities” which can be exhibited by HLRS to the general public.

A first chance to see and experience this virtual reality work of art will be during the open day (Tag der Wissenschaft) at HLRS on July 1st.

The following video can give an first expression of “Infinities”.

Further information about the cooperation and the involved institutions:

Höchstleistungs-Kunst: eine Kooperation zwischen den Welten

Instituto Itaú Cultural



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