Presentation of the MSC BW project at FMX2017

170517 Slider FMX Talk

On the last day of the sold-out conference on animation, effects, VR, games and transmedia – the FMX – we had the opportunity to present the Media Solution Center BW project and concrete research results resulting from it.

Watch the full video of the presentation below.


We will start with a general introduction to High-Performance Computing (HPC) in order to distinguish it from cloud computing. With this relevant knowledge explained, we will present the Media Solution Center BW, which is a project initiated by the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg to contribute to the technology transfer in the cross section of research institutions and creative industries. The general aims of the the project are to find new, innovative, and technologically oriented solutions for computationally intensive work steps in the production of different kinds of media.Within the scope of this project, we look at how to incorporate open-source programs onto a HPC system, thus avoiding licensing issues when using a high number of nodes.

The second part of the talk discusses an application for performing HPC fluid simulations at high speeds and/or resolutions. For the content creation platform, we use Blender, into which we introduce a Python add-on to bypass its native fluid simulation engine; instead, the simulations are then performed on the HPC system using Palabos, an engineering-grade and massively parallelizable fluid simulation tool.

In the third part of the talk, we will present challenges and potential gains when using the HPC cluster as a backend for interactive remote path tracing. We will examine the scenario of lighting a scene interactively, using a remote desktop machine. Different parts of our prototype architecture will be presented, such as the browser front-end, network communication, and the rendering backend, which is based on OSPray, Intel’s new open-source HPC rendering engine.


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